Outfit Accessories

The Outfitter

Product SKU: CARR01

A bag designed to carry the complete highland dress outfit

Manufactured from high quality 100% Nylon Twill

Separate compartments for carrying your accessoires

Kilt Roll


The Kilt Roll is designed as a compact and effective way of carrying your kilt

It is designed in such a way as to ensure the pleats and apron remain in place during transportation

Shoe Bag

Product SKU: BBSBAG01

High Quality Shoe bag designed to carry your Ghillie Brogues.

Premium Flashes

Product SKU: FLPRM

Available in: Black, Navy, Bottle Green, Red, Ancient Blue and Ancient Green

Standard Flashes

Product SKU: FLSTD

100% cotton flashes

Available in Black, Navy, Blue, Green and Red

Wooden Kilt Hanger

Product SKU: HANG01

4 Grip Wooden Kilt Hanger

Made from high quality hardwood.

Each grip features a soft plastic insert to prevent damage to the garment.

Ghillie/Jacobite Shirt

Product SKU: SHJ

Made from high quality 100% cotton

Available in Cream, White and Black

Sizes: Small – 3XL

Wing Collar Shirt

Product SKU: SH

High Quality Polycotton Shirt available in a choice of Plain or Ribbed Front

Available from stock in sizes: 14.5″ – 21″

Gents Bow Tie

Product SKU: BOWT

Gents pre-tied Bow Tie suitable for all formal occasions

Available in Black only

One size fits all

100% Satin Polyester